The Issue

Most people think germs (another word for microbes) are bad for us, but what if they’re mostly good and wiping out the ones inside us is creating a health crisis that threatens humanity’s future?

Microbes are critical to our development and well-being. The microbiome is all the microbes (bacteria! and fungi! and viruses!) in our bodies that usually keep us healthy. In the last 50 years, we humans have lost 50% of our ancestral microbes with devastating consequences.

Gloria Dominguez-Bello and Marty Blaser - along with other renowned scientists around the world - believe this loss has triggered a surge in life-threatening illnesses that barely existed fifty years ago, including obesity, asthma, autism, severe food allergies, and diabetes.

Malachi Ward

Fun Fact #1

Your microbes play a role in sexual attraction.

Fun Fact #2

There are as many “bugs” (tiny microbes) in your body as there are human cells.

Fun Fact #3

Half of all antibiotics prescribed in the USA are medically useless.

Fun Fact #4

Breastfeeding contributes to the development of a healthy microbiome.

Fun Fact #5

How well you age may be predicted by your microbes.

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